Worth reading: A young black man’s reflection on the Trayvon Martin case

I hesitate to get into something so divisive. I didn’t follow the details of the case, and I’m not positioning this as my own opinion. But this man’s thoughts were so moving, I had to share.

“Man, I’m just glad I had a mom who gave me the realness from a young age. I can remember thinking she was so stuck in the past for telling me that I couldn’t do or say or wear certain things, that I could not stay out as late as my white friends could, that I could not “experiment” with any of the things my white friends did. I struggled so much with her for trying to impress upon me the fact that I was different. Because I’m supposed to be. I lived in a nice house, spoke more than one language, was well educated and well socialized and I did not understand why I needed to Continue reading