SF Bay Area day trips with no car (or planning!) needed

I had breakfast yesterday, one table over from an adorable older couple from Pittsburg, so obviously Ashley​ and I made friends. They had such a great SF vacation plan. All their day-trips were tours with no car needed (to Napa, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Muir Woods).

Why don’t we do these day-trips while living here?? Not just “let’s be tourists in our own city!” – I didn’t realize you don’t need to spend the time/$$ on car, hotel, planning yourself.

Have you done a great day-trip like this? Or know a good site to find them? I’ll update this post with the best ones I hear from or find myself. Ideally:

* leave from downtown SF
* provide all transport/food/tours
* NOT a party bus
* diverse fellow tour-takers

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