“The List”

Everything I can think of that I want to do, so it doesn’t keep rattling around in my head. These will eventually make it into goals and get done. All in due time…


  • Mobile & HTML5 apps
  • Strategy/product direction
  • Inbox Zero


  • SevenUp
  • LikePython
  • My own personal site
  • RecruitingFail.wordpress.com
  • Clean out google reader; actually follow the blogs of people I respect
  • More hackathons (hang out with founder friends more often. Compete?)

Personal / Social Life

  • Activities
    • Exploring the city (places I haven’t been before)
    • Generally check out what happening in the area on a regular basis. If I don’t make a goal out of this it just doesn’t happen.
    • Standup and other comedy
    • Seeing friends who are in the SF area
    • Traveling to see friends who aren’t
    • See family more
    • Wine tasting; learn more about wine & what I like / don’t like.
    • Minted Steak Night
  • Music
    • Guitar (Songs, scales, chords, improvisation. Would love to learn the blues better)
    • Turntables (Beatmatching, scratching, make some mix tapes where songs actually flow together well).
    • Voice lessons
    • My drum set I have to leave at my parents house (get an electric one?)
    • Recording
    • Submit to have Michael Tolcher play at our apartment. (2012 is a year of him doing this around the country)
  • Language
    • Practice my French more (watch French TV, movies, news; Rosetta Stone; talk to friends in French, or I’ve heard there are Meetups for French practice?)
    • Learn basic Spanish (Rosetta Stone; order food en español)
  • Art
    • Digital painting, especially concept art
    • Figure drawing / life drawing
    • 3D modeling
    • Texturing
    • ✔ Getting to know the Minted community
    • Graphic design
  • Books
    • ✔ Game of Thrones
    • Lonesome Dove (Pulitzer Prize, came recommended
    • Predictably Irrational
    • Drive
    • The Steve Jobs Biography
    • How to Win Friends and Influence People (Great book on relationships with people, not being a dick as the title might suggest. Re-read periodically)
    • Quiet: The Power of Introverts, by Susan Cain (Recommended by my mom, “proudly introverted since 1954”)
    • The Dune series
  • Make time to play games with no agenda
    • StarCraft 2
    • Rockband / Guitar hero
  • General life goodness
    • Inbox Zero
    • Keep in touch better with old friends even when you can’t be home / see them in person.


  • Martian arts (Kung fu?)
  • Dance classes & jams (hip hop, popping classes around the city; competitions in the area)
  • Finish reading The Perfect Health Diet
  • Cook more for myself, eat healthier as a habit
  • Sleep study

6 thoughts on ““The List”

  1. Are you going to check them off when they’re accomplished?
    Maybe I need a list like this, too.
    I love the category, “General life goodness,” btw! 😀

  2. I’m wondering if putting the Platinum and Diamond benchmarks into the FilterSC trainer is part of that Starcraft II goal? (pretty please?)

      • Well, Filter has announced his retirement. =( Any chance you are going to update the FilterSC trainer to what he last posted for HOTS? Or, if not that, maybe just update the current one to be HOTS compatible? Here is my wish list.

        1. Fix the unit card to match the new unit layout. (reaper and marauder are misplaced, widow mines are missing, both mess with grid hotkeys)

        2. Go with a reaper expand (12/12) since that is solid in all matchups

        3. Maybe make one of the check boxes be “scout with reaper” if that is possible to detect that your reaper got to the enemy base by a certain time or just that the reaper got made if not.

        4. Move your game timer over the sc2 timer since it moved.

        5. Maybe make the whole thing one of those new modules that are going to be available in patch 2.1 so it will be available on any map and as a trainer during custom games with friends! =)

        This trainer has been very helpful and I hope it will one day make even me a decent player.

        • Thanks for the encouragement, man! RIP Filter 🙁

          Unfortunately I’ve recently started a company and don’t have much time at all. I’d love to do those tweaks, so thanks for the specific feedback.

          Modules sound awesome, do you have a link I can learn more? I may open-source the code so someone else can pick up where I left off. Don’t want it do die, but realistically, it can’t just be me.

  3. Hey. Thanks for replying! Congrats on the new business. That must be very exciting.

    As for the new “extension mods” feature for SC2, it is coming in the new 2.1 patch this month. Here is the post they made about it on Battle.net rescently:


    It’s pretty cool because you setup the mod and then you can use it on any map you want. Not just the single map you designed it for, and it doesn’t have to live in the “arcade”.

    Open source sounds awesome. The game changes so much now days compared to Wings of Liberty so having this as a mod that could have a collection of builds to practice in it would be great. Imagine instead of picking “bronze”, “silver”, or “gold” you had the choice of picking “Innovations Hellion expand” or “Polts gas first Banshee”. So many possibilities!

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