Attention humans: Let’s talk about Miss Utah


Now that we’ve gotten some distance from it, let’s look back on the Miss Utah video. I won’t link the video here. Instead, I’ll summarize: A celebrity judge asks Miss Utah, 21 year old Marissa Powell of Salt Lake City, for her thoughts on income inequality between men and women. Essentially, it looks like Ms. Powell’s brain thought “I got this: general job scarcity; get more men on board who are already in positions of power; educate the younger generation”, and then instead, her nerves staged a coup. Within earshot of The Internet. Sean Plott’s tweet above was virtually the only sane voice I saw on the topic. For days, as this blogger on ABC News put it, “people who will never be on a [public] stage in their lives, piled on.”

I can’t articulate exactly why this bothered me so much, but here are a few attempts:

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