Ever since a dare to take class in Boston in 2008, I've been interested in various corners of Hip Hop. I started with popping in Eric "3D" Cruz's class, trained with Fadayz and the Losst Unnown crew, and eventually started battling with them after practice and in clubs. After a break when I moved across country, I found the impressive community at citydance.org and Funkanometry SF. I'm in performances roughly four times a year. As things come up, I'll share things here.

Les Twins bootcamp at CityDance SF - April 2014
Larry and Laurent Bourgeois (of Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Vogue, and int'l dance fame) put on a workshop in their spare time between world tours and their TV show taping. We split into halves, then each half performed for the other (with the Twins) at the end. I'm the guy in the Reddit shirt because I forgot what day it was and only had work clothes.

Funkanometry SF Performance Workshop - Spring 2013
At Palace of Fine Arts Theater (audience of ~1000 people!)

Funkanometry SF Performance Workshop - Winter 2012
At Fort Mason theater (audience of ~400?)